Quan Lan Island – A paradise in Summer

“It doesnt matter where you go. What really matters is who you are with..”

Indeed. A journey with beloved friends is always the most memorable one. For years I havent had such a journey like this. We travelled, we had fun, and we did stupid things together. It’s not only sticking around and telling the stories of the old days. It’s the marvellous moment of time when we could live that old-days again.

To be added on, Quan Lan island is such a charmingly beautiful pearl of the East Sea. Perhaps it’s one of the most beautifully neglected beaches on earth with white sand and pure blue sea water. Especially, the Minh Chau beach is one of the most favourite beach to me so far which is as calm as just a giant lake for having merely the slightest ripples of waves. Travelling on the island with Tuk Tuk is a cool experience too as if we are acting in a Hollywood blockbuster. The  landscape of the dusty unfished only path accross the island with  pure white sand dunes on the roadsides were just so splendid. Oh, I just forgot the mention the legendary beauty of Bai Tu Long bay which we had had to sail over to get to the island.

The villa Song Chau we stayed was peacefully beautiful and the landlady was so warmly welcomed. She’s Hanoian and comes there every summer to run the business of that villa.

It was raining in the last night and we could not miss such a chance like that to enjoy a teapot together, at the parthouse. The wind blew strong enough bringing fresh and cool air from the seas. Raindrop occasionally gently splashed in made the scene so poetic. Afterward, we played cards with extreme joy and loudness.

The last but not the least is the cuisine. Sea-food cooked by the interesting owner of Tuan Thuy restaurant was just absolutely appetizing. If there was only one reason for me to come back, it would be because of her. I meant IF because there are dozens of reasons for me to come back this Island again and again.


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