The great gig in the sky

Mượn được cái headphone về test, nghe tới nghe lui cuối cùng vẫn chỉ có những âm nhạc như của Fink Floyd mới xới tung được cái mớ cảm xúc hỗn độn này.
Bí bách và nghẹt thở, muốn làm một điều gì đó cho riêng mình, thỏa mãn cái tôi của riêng mình.

The great Gig in the sky.
When you can’t sing, just scream. Scream your heart out. Music? This is REAL MUSIC. Human vocal is the most amazing instrument of all kinds. GREAT FUKING AWESOME PIECE OF HEAVENLY MUSIC.!!!
And the piano sound, it’s soo beautiful. Just only bass and piano together never fail to touch my heart. Make it tremble. Imagine one day I can hear this song live, I will shed my tears for sure.

PS: Clare Torry, the vocalist in the studio version (Album: Dark side of the moon), her voice was just so incredible. Her high notes has reached the sky, and far beyond. The way she muffled her voice just invulnerable. No comparison with other vocalists should be made.

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